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Discover The Secret Island Community That Holds The Keys To Achieving Your Financial Freedom Fast!

Master Creators Island community members feature your faster, easier and more meaningful pathways to achieve financial freedom online today.

This social media network has been founded by one of the first people in the world to achieve a full-time, job quitting, self-made income online over 15 years ago.  

He is now one of the highest-rated, and highest paid internet marketers, software developers, and multiple online business owners in the world with hundreds of thousands of students who've made a great part-time to full-time income under his guidance, training, and mentorship using his world-class website building software and email broadcasting platforms.

Dr. Vincent Ortega Jr has over 250,000 customers and 2.5 million followers on his social media and email lists in over 150 countries around the world.

His lists and followers grow by tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands per year, and there are times where even millions of people will watch his sales videos on a daily, weekly and monthly bases.  For example, early 2022, he's launching his brand new website building software and email broadcasting platform that will have millions of people watch his sales videos about it every single week. 

The great news is you when you join this Master Creators Island and social network, you will find out how you can become a part of his new 2022 software launch as an affiliate partner.  This is where you can earn up to 40% recurring direct sales and 10% recurring JV partner sales commissions for the life of the customers you refer to the world's greatest website building software and email broadcasting platform.

Dr. Vincent is famous for building the highest converting prospect, to lead, to new customer automated affiliate sales funnels for his affiliates, that break records in terms of turning ordinary people into full-time online business owners faster than any other possible solution you will find online.

He makes earning part-time to full-time income so simple as his affiliate that all you have to do is follow his step-by-step, click-by-click affiliate training videos that will teach you exactly where to find the perfect customers online.

Then you'll use his MasterCreators Speed Wealth Affiliate Program to share your unique affiliate website that tracks all of your leads, sales and sends you weekly commissions on Monday.

Dr. Vincent will turn your "case of the dreadful Monday's," into your payday's of joy and happiness!

His Speed Wealth Affiliate Program is so simple to implement for your financial freedom potential that he's made it where it will only take you 2 simple clicks to deploy your money making website, with his done-4-you opening scripts that have been proven for 15 years to get you way more clicks to your affiliate website!

Then your prospects, that he shows you how to find, who see your affiliate posts with your money making links and opening scripts will click on your website link, land on Dr. Vincent's latest and greatest money making affiliate sales funnel, where he does all of the selling, telling for you, while you keep up to 40% lifetime recurring commissions on the people who directly click your affiliate link!

...and it it doesn't stop there! When your 40% lifetime direct sales commission members realize that literally everyone on planet earth should enjoy this world's greatest website building software as well...

...they too will become an affiliate that will automatically make them your JV sales partner where everytime they earn 40% direct sales commissions? will also earn 10% lifetime JV partner second level sales commissions on all of your referred customers without you lifting another finger!

Dr. Vincent always makes his affiliate programs two level super affiliate programs so that you can start enjoying business owner leverage of earning commissions on other people's efforts just like your work does with you right now!

Think about where you work right now? You are doing the labor while the person who created the business you work for directly enjoys all the fruits of your labor even if you don't even know them!

Leverage is how you go from part-time income online as an affiliate, to full-time income online because now you are earning commissions on other people's efforts!  

Now are you ready for the greatest news of all?  You are not even expected to train, guide or hold the hand of your JV partners, because once you become a MasterCreators member and affiliate?

Dr. Vincent has already laid out the perfect and proven for 15 years, step-by-step training videos for your referred customers and JV partners the fastest, easiest, most meaningful pathway and blueprints to earn your first 100k in just 60 minutes of your effort per day!

60 minutes per day gives you 101hrs of free time per week to eat, sleep and play even if you had a 60hr per week job!

Dr. Vincent's 100k in 60 minutes per day 15 year proven blueprint, pathway and challenge no longer gives you or anyone else in the world the rights to say, "I don't have time," ever again!  

Dr. Vincent's 100k in 60 minutes per day challenge no longer allows you to have any excuses to stay broke and worried about your financial freedom and abilities for you and your loved ones ever again!

How exciting is is that you earn 40% lifetime recurring direct sales and you don't even have to train your JV partners how to make sales where you also earn 10% lifetime commissions on their sales?

Does it get any better than this? 

If your answer is No? Then you are correct because it doesn't!  This is why Dr. Vincent is considered to be the best internet marketing mentor in the world to take people from rookie to full-time online business professionals, and yes, even if your technology challenged!

You have just found your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and this pot of gold is only requesting for you to give 60 minutes per day of your effort!

Dr. Vincent's new Speed Wealth Affiliate Program is so intuitive that you'll be notified of every single click, to lead, to sale, to commissions in the process of you becoming a part-time to full-time online business owner, all depending on how well you follow Dr. Vincent's step-by-step video training.

After you begin implementing Dr. Vincent's proven for 15 years, step-by-step, 100k in 60 minutes per day blueprints? will receive automated, "new prospect notification emails," and then you will receive his famous Cha-Ching emails next that will show you how much commission you just earned that will pay you on Monday, when he turns your prospects, into leads, then your leads into new customers for the world's greatest website building software and email broadcasting platform....

You can earn all the way up to $2,000/year in lifetime recurring commissions with Dr. Vincent's brand new 2022 Speed Wealth Affiliate Program...

...for every single person who clicks your unique affiliate website links and purchases the world's greatest website building software and email broadcasting platform to grow their part-time to full-time online business.

 Dr. Vincent told his students when he finally finished building his latest website building software and email broadcasting platform that he would start building out a social media platform community called, Master Creators Island, that would finally bring all of his latest and greatest advice, creations and part-time to full-time online business owner students under one roof to make growing your financial freedom grow even faster as a collective community together.

And not only that, he also talked about building the Master Creators crypto coin, he's been working on since 2016 when he started making millions in crypto currency.

He knew this coin would take over the crypto industry fast because finally, for the first time ever, everyone including your Gramma could understand why one of these coins have so much value because ours is backed by the world's greatest website building software and email broadcasting platform.

...and on top of that he said he would build out Master Creators Island NFT's, way before any of this became popular in our world today because Dr. Vincent has been a millionaire in crypto since 2016, and is an expert at understanding blockchain tech, with countless students who've copied his portfolios for massive crypto success in the millions.

You will see that Dr. Vincent Ortega Jr, has a large social media community of almost half a million followers on his personal Instagram alone right now @

Dr. Vincent speed up the community creation of this Master Creators Island and vision with the help of a great software called mighty networks.

There are many reasons Dr. Vincent wanted to develop Master Creators Island as you can tell from reading this but one of the main reasons is that way too much negativity is now being shared across all your social media platforms, and due to his Quantum Science Degree, he scientifically knows how toxic the social media platforms are for your emotional health right now.

This is why he saw the need to gather his 250,000 students, 2.5 followers on social media and his email lists, to a safe social media network that will ensure you have the best chance to thrive rather than just barely survive in this fourth industrial technology driven revolution.

Master Creators Island is truly powered and funded by Dr. Vincent's brand new MasterCreators software set to launch early 2022, with customers from all over the world who enjoy the world's fastest and easiest website building software, email broadcaster and affiliate program to become the Master Creator of your life because financial, emotional and spiritual freedom is your birthright!

Dr. Vincent started his professional internet marketing career 15 years ago and has developed four 6-figure, three 7-figure and two 8-figure website building software companies that are responsible for over 100 million, yes, 9-figures in online digital sales collectively.

The greatest part of all about these big numbers are that Dr. Vincent pays you instead of Google and Facebook as an affiliate to share his world-class software with other business owners.

Dr. Vincent's software and affiliate sales funnels hav paid his affiliates tens of millions of dollars over the past 15 years, and he plans on paying his affiliates tens of millions more in 2022 for sharing his greatest website building software and email broadcasting platform to date that you'll learn more about when you become a free Master Creator Island member today.

His latest and greatest all-in-one website building software and email broadcasting platform has no match at this current moment in time, and as of now, cannot be compared with anything else in the world because its truly the only all-in-one solution you need to succeed online for your business and to enjoy complete financial freedom in one place.

If you're looking to take 100% control over your life and finally become the authority and author of your everyday decisions and life?

Then you need to become a free Master Creators Island member as quickly as humanly possible to get started with the income producing activities today.

You will enjoy the most simple, step by step to success business training right here inside of Master Creators Island to grow your part-time to full-time online business with ease, speed & pleasure.

You will also learn how to share your own skills with others for part-time to full-time profits when you build a skill-sharing membership area with Dr. Vincent's website building software you'll learn about inside.

 You can integrate your own merchant account and get paid directly from your customers. We don't take a dime of your sales! We are your fully-featured white label solution to grow your online business and financial freedom.

You can build the best websites, list unlimited products on your store, create the best membership sites in the world, take online payments, build your email list, set automation follow ups, and of course you can broadcast to your entire email list with one push of a button, with one email, all inside of our software and never need to purchase another subscription ever again!

Dr. Vincent specializes in creating digital pathways of ease, speed and pleasure to build your wealth online fast.

With just a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your phone screen, his Speed Wealth Affiliate Software will share unique, done-for-you websites, that automatically tracks your leads & sales, giving you proven, ready to go opening and closing scripts for the best chance of success you've ever dreamed of.

All you have to do is cast the Golden rod and reel that Dr. Vincent has created for you, then let him take care of the rest, and he'll pay you $20/month lifetime recurring commissions, all the way up to $2,000 per year lifetime recurring commissions for every single new customer you send to his website building software & email broadcasting platform.

He will send you those recurring commissions for the life of the customer so that you can start building passive, predictable, worry-free wealth.

Vincent is also your Dr. of Quantum Physics that will help you to completely reprogram your mind, body and spirit for success every morning, noon and night with his world famous Quantum Affirmations.

Morning Affirmations

Sleeping Affirmations

Dr. Vincent has 4 children that he plans on passing everything he's building over to when it's his time for the afterlife.

This means you can be sure when building your brand, website and income with anything that Dr. Vincent is building for you?  That you are running with a 15 year strong online industry veteran with a company that's eyes are set on eternity, with the number one goal is that MasterCreators will still be here to care for your children's children.

Master Creators Island is your safe place to call home on the internet.  You can be sure that you will receive joy, happiness, inspiration and "smiles for miles" everytime you login because we don't allow any negativity on our platform.

Master Creators Island is your free social media platform to build your business relationships, and even pitch your business in our Shark Tank!

You will make the best of friends here at MasterCreators Island who finally understand your vision to build your part-time to full-time income online and never go back to work for a boss ever again.

You might even get to meet and become friends with Dr. Vincent's 6, 7 and even 8 figure students who are a part of your Master Creators Island Experience.

Make sure you always tune-in and listen to Dr. Vincent's Speed Wealth Radio show on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music and more every single week to get your money right and live your best life every single day.

You can search for "Speed Wealth Radio" on your platform of choice or you can visit Dr. Vincent's anchor right here

Master Creators Island will give you free online business success training inside that will give you the fastest, easiest and most meaningful pathways to get your money right and start living your best life today!

Welcome to your home of the fastest, easiest and most meaningful pathways to achieve financial freedom in the 21st century so that you can start spending more quality time, doing the things you love, with the people you love for the rest of your life.

Financial, emotional and spiritual freedom is your birthright!

MasterCreators Island is the place where you can take back your freedoms and finally live out those beautiful dreams you've had ever since you were a child.

Welcome to your home of what our MasterCreators Island members call...

Heaven on Earth

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